Annual Inspection/Testing and calibration

ALLIANCE INSTRUMENTATION is able to provide onboard services during bunkering for UTI and Gas Instruments equipment in Singapore Anchorage. We make sure that there are always available technicians to perform the requested services at all time.

Regarding services that are not possible to be performed on board, the defective units are being transported to our workshop repaired and return to vessel prior sailing.

Annual inspection, testing and calibration onboard for fixed system were carried out upon request for the following system:
15PPM Bilge Alarm Monitor
Oxygen Analyser
VCES system
Fixed Gas Detection system
Smoke/Fire Detection system

In our premises in Jurong, where our workshops are located, we have a fully equipped workshop with the latest technology's instruments.
As a result we are able to service and calibrate all types and makers of UTI & Gas meters units according to the international standards and regulations. Therefore we make sure that all the instruments used in these processes are accurate and certified.

ALLIANCE INSTRUMENTATION is able to provide long term contracts for the technical support of the shipping company's fleet of vessels. With these contracts we manage the UTI units and Gas meter of each vessel. We make sure that all units are properly functioning and have valid certificates as well as the necessary number of units on board according to each company's policy.Since 2012 that we have begun the use of this system many shipping companies have stated financial benefits.